My practice has more than 20 highly skilled partners and legal practioners. I assemble teams of lawyers whose area of expertise matches our client’s needs. I also work with bankers and chartered accountants.  I can therefore handle cases involving companies regardless of their size. We provide legal advice, assistance with out of court settlements, conciliation, negotiations, the drafting of contracts and courtroom advocacy. Our practice covers the following legal areas: private, public, criminal and business law in addition to highly specialized legal fields such as tax and intellectual property.

When it comes to legal fees our policy is to clarify everything from the start with the client. As soon as the service we provide involves a fee we inform the client about it, we explain how the fee is set and it is negotiated with the client. There is no fee involved for the appointments.  Our clients receive regular updates on their cases.  At any time we can provide a summary of what has been done on a given case.

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